Programming Experience

Our company was founded by software engineers with many years of experience in the software industry. We have a passion for quality computer programming and encourage students of all ages to learn best practices and modern technical skills.

Andrea Yust

Owner & CEO

Andrea Yust is a software engineer, entrepreneur and co-author of CompuScholar's computer science and digital literacy courses.

Using her love of computers and programming to inspire a new generation, Andrea, together with her husband Chris, developed a cutting-edge programming curriculum tailor-made for kids and teens. Their courses teach professional programming languages in a fun way that students can understand and that non-technical instructors can teach.

"Computer Science is such an important topic, and so necessary in today's world. I love that I get to share my passion and experience in this subject with a new generation!"

Chris Yust


Chris has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, worked as a software engineer for 17+ years, and together with his wife Andrea, Co-authored CompuScholar's programming curriculum for kids and teens.

Chris is passionate about making technical subjects fun for kids and increasing awareness of computer science as a high-paying, in-demand job in this digital age!

I've spent many years in the software industry, and seen our shortage of trained software engineers first-hand. Getting students in middle and high school excited about computer science is a critical first step in refilling our pipeline of students graduating into this high-paying career.

Andrew Abdalla

VP of Sales

Andrew's IT career over the past 25 years has spanned both software application development and business intelligence. As VP of Sales, Andrew supports teachers and parents in their success as they build our future by preparing students and children for the computing jobs of the future.

"I have the privilege and honor of working with an amazing team who are passionate about inspiring the next generation with a love of computers and programming. Their integrity and commitment to excellence is inspiring and shows in the many ways they serve their customers each and every day."

Ysau Flores

Texas Sales Manager

Ysau Flores has over 25 years of experience helping Texas schools and districts find quality courses for their students. He holds a Masters Degree in Education, and is very active in his hometown of San Antonio, serving as a board member for San Antonio Youth Centers, and the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities. Ysau is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Our People Make It Possible

CompuScholar doesn’t build itself—we have a dedicated team that is relentless about developing superior courses and solving the hard problems for our customers. Our team boasts a knowledgeable and diverse combination of people with their own characteristics and outside interests. Our team is growing by the day and we welcome all applicants.

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