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The Java Programming course teaches students all Java skills required on the "AP Computer Science A" exam. While it can be taken standalone with no pre-requisites, this is one of our most advanced courses, and some degree of technical comfort is recommended.

Studying for the "AP Computer Science A" Exam

This course is on College Board recommended list for the AP CS A exam. The following documents will help you prepare for your AP class:

If you wish to complete the AP Course Audit using this course, you may simply "claim identical" to syllabus #1829769v1.

Student Work

Students will complete hands-on coding projects in every chapter. Scroll through the images below to see a few examples of student work.

  • Debugging and Error Handling

  • Java Classes

  • Graphic Design and User Input

  • Object-Oriented Concepts

  • Graphics and Vector Drawing

  • AP Labs

  • Algorithm Efficiency


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This is a two-semester couse, with enough material for approximately 36 weeks of school when progressing with typical, daily work.

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Monthly Option1-Year Option
Self-Study$15.00 / month$120 / year
Teacher-Led$35.00 / month$300 / year


If you choose a 1-year option, then you can add additional siblings to the same class for $40 (self-study) or $220 (teacher-led). Additional siblings can be added by the teacher from within the course after your initial login.

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Monthly or 1-Year Subscription

You can choose an affordable monthly subscription or purchase a 1-year subscription. Students will progress through courses at their own pace, normally finishing this course in two full semesters. But some students may complete the material more quickly or slowly.

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Self Study - How It Works

Our self-study curriculum is always a great option for families that want to work through the material on their own. In a self-study course:

  • Students move at their own self-study pace
  • All quizzes and tests are automatically graded by the system
  • Parents will monitor student progress (if desired)
  • Parents will assign grades to hands-on projects (if desired)
  • Parents will self-certify completion of the course (if needed)

Your self-study course includes a student account to access our online material and a teacher account that lets parents review fully coded activity solutions, access teacher's lesson guides and assign hands-on project grades.

Teacher-Led - How It Works

If you want our expert staff to handle normal parent duties, then our teacher-led option is the perfect fit! In a teacher-led course, students will begin with the same online course material and self-study / self-paced model. But parents don't have to worry about teacher accounts, grading, or answering questions - our teachers will handle it all.

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Feature Description
Grading Our teacher will grade all of your projects and provide feedback.
Progress Our system will email weekly progress reports to parents. Parents also have instant access to student grades and feedback through a parent account.
Support Students have 1-on-1 messaging with the teacher to ask questions and get help.
Pacing Students start when they like and move at their own pace; no set class times.
Certificate Students will receive a PDF certificate with final grade upon completion.


Your teacher-led course includes a student account to access our online material and a parent account that lets families review and monitor progress. You will also receive a weekly progress report by email.

Watch this brief video to see the teacher-led features in action!

I still have some questions about teacher-led courses...

  • Are there regular class times or lectures?

    No, students can still flexibly start when they want and move through the material at their own pace. Students will self-study their way through the material, but our teacher will handle the grading, answering questions, etc.

  • How fast are the teacher responses?

    Teachers will ensure projects are graded and questions answered by the next business day. In many cases, responses will come quickly on the same day (excluding weekends/holidays).

  • Is the teacher certified or accredited?

    The teacher will be a subject-matter expert and well-versed in the course material. However, the teacher may not have a traditional teaching certificate, nor is Homeschool Programming an accredited school.

  • Can you describe this certificate we receive at the end?

    The certificate serves as your proof-of-completion for a transcript or portfolio. It will list your name, course, completion date, grade, as well as our contact information.

  • Can your teachers facilitate larger groups (co-ops or classrooms) in addition to individual students?

    Yes, our teachers can run classes of any reasonable size.

Java Programming (AP) course meets standards for the AP Computer Science A exam.

Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science A

College Board Description

Java Programming Alignments

This course requires a computer with the Windows or Mac operating systems.

Our course material and interactive online system can be accessed from any HTML5-compliant web browser on standard computers, laptops, or tablets with an Internet connection.

In order to complete hands-on projects, students will use a computer with one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Mac OS version 10.7 or higher