Programming Experience

Our company was founded by software engineers with many years of experience in the software industry. We have a passion for quality computer programming and encourage students of all ages to learn best practices and modern technical skills.

Andrea Yust

Owner & CEO

Andrea Yust is a software engineer, entrepreneur and co-author of CompuScholar's computer science and digital literacy courses.

Using her love of computers and programming to inspire a new generation, Andrea, together with her husband Chris, developed a cutting-edge programming curriculum tailor-made for kids and teens. Their courses teach professional programming languages in a fun way that students can understand and that non-technical instructors can teach.

"Computer Science is such an important topic, and so necessary in today's world. I love that I get to share my passion and experience in this subject with a new generation!"

Chris Yust


Chris has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, worked as a software engineer for 17+ years, and together with his wife Andrea, Co-authored CompuScholar's programming curriculum for kids and teens.

Chris is passionate about making technical subjects fun for kids and increasing awareness of computer science as a high-paying, in-demand job in this digital age!

I've spent many years in the software industry, and seen our shortage of trained software engineers first-hand. Getting students in middle and high school excited about computer science is a critical first step in refilling our pipeline of students graduating into this high-paying career.

Our People Make It Possible

CompuScholar doesn’t build itself—we have a dedicated team that is relentless about developing superior courses and solving the hard problems for our customers. Our team boasts a knowledgeable and diverse combination of people with their own characteristics and outside interests.

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