Why We Do It

A love of computers starts early. Many computer programmers write their first programs in middle school. Our courses let kids and teens take that important first step towards what could become a lifelong hobby, career, and passion!


How We Got Started

Using a love of computers and programming to inspire a new generation, and frustrated by a lack of proper teaching materials for young students, CompuScholar founders Chris and Andrea Yust set out to make a difference. They worked together to create courses that would teach professional programming languages in a fun way that students could understand and that non-technical teachers and parents could teach. 

Chris and Andrea have co-written more than eight introductory computer programming textbooks for kids and teens. The entire CompuScholar team continues to work to make Computer Science education approachable and available to all.


The CompuScholar Mission

To publish computing curricula for use in all learning environments to make it fun and easy for teachers and parents to bring Computer Science and Digital Literacy to their students.

The CompuScholar Vision

To partner with educators and draw on real world experience to prepare our students for the computing jobs of the future.