We Value Your Privacy and Safety!

CompuScholar, Inc. does not collect any personally identifiable information at this website (www.CompuScholar.com) unless specifically and knowingly provided by you from feedback, guestbook, email, online order forms or other forms that require keyboard input from the user.

We never disclose or sell any of your specific information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses to any third party. Any information you provide is used internally by CompuScholar, Inc.

We welcome testimonials entered through our website or sent by email. Such testimonials become the property of CompuScholar, Inc. and we may reproduce them in whole or in part for marketing efforts. All personal identification (names, email addresses, etc) will be removed from the testimonials prior to any marketing display, unless provided with written consent.

COPPA Compliance and Student LMS Accounts

The CompuScholar learning platform is designed to be used by Middle and High School students and their teachers, including children under the age of 13 with the involvement of their school, teacher, parent or legal guardian. CompuScholar complies with COPPA standards to protect the privacy and safety of students using our online Learning Management System (LMS).


CompuScholar, Inc. is the sole operator and maintainer of our online LMS. Questions about our privacy policy can be directed to CompuScholar, Inc. using the phone number, email, or physical mailing address at our Contact Us page.

Student Profiles and Course Access

CompuScholar, Inc. requires students to create student accounts in order to access online course content. Entry of any personally identifiable information is optional. The following data fields are required to create an account:

  • Username (self-chosen)
  • Password (self-chosen)
  • First name*
  • Last name*
  • Email address (optional)
* Students may choose to enter any alphanumeric text for first and last names. Authentic names are not required, so long as the teacher understands how to recognize students in the system. Self-chosen usernames are also not required to correspond to any personally identifiable properties.

All information collected in the student profile is used exclusively within the LMS to support student access to their course material. It is never exported or used for marketing and other purposes. This information (e.g. username and password) represents the minimal amount of information needed to support course access.

Student Grades

Student accounts will naturally accrue information about grades assigned to the student as they participate in a course. Grades may include numeric scores, actual quiz and test answers, the number of retakes, teacher-assigned project grades, and teacher comments. This information is kept in the gradebook as a convenience for the student and teacher, and is only used by student and teacher as desired. No student grades are ever exported from the system by CompuScholar, used by CompuScholar in any way, or preserved beyond the end of the course. Student grades are only visible to the student account and the teacher assigned to the course.


No student information is ever disclosed to 3rd parties for any reason.

Parental Review and Request for Deletion

Parents can use student logins at any time to review student profile details and grades. Parents or teachers may choose to un-enroll students from a course at any time. Un-enrolling a student will automatically purge all student information, and no further information is collected. To un-enroll a student, teachers may select the "Manage My Logins" link from their Teacher Menu. Parents may request that teachers complete this step, or Contact Us with a specific request.


By enrolling a student in a CompuScholar course, parents and school districts consent to collection of the minimal course access information described above.

Last Updated 12/01/2015.
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