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Online curriculum for homeschool and individual students!

How CompuScholar Works

CompuScholar's teaching system lets homeschool and individual students learn coding and computer skills with confidence.

We provide self-study, online curriculum

We provide complete technical support

Students complete quizzes, tests and many hands-on projects

Your don't need a fancy computer lab or technical expertise. Let CompuScholar's turn-key curriculum train your students to code in Java, Python, or C#, build web pages with HTML, create video games with Unity, and more.

Tech Essentials

Python Programming

Computer Science Foundations

C# Programming

Digital Savvy

Web Design

Unity Game Programming


I just wanted to say thank-you for making your books. My son is 11 years old and finished all of your books. He LOVED!!! them. Anyway, he just put his first app on google play thanks to you. If you want to see it it is called Color Maniac by Schatzapps. It has a red CM in the picture on the app. My husband and I have no computer programming skills and he could not get enough of your books. He would love if you made more :) Anyway, just wanted to thank-you for all of your hard work. It has been a blessing to Jon and just what he needed. Have a great day, Angie.

- Angie S. from HSBC

CompuScholar All-In-One Learning Solution

Learning Management System

Our online system includes integrated video and text lessons, auto-scored quizzes and tests, electronic gradebooks, teacher guides, activity solutions, and more.

Expert Support

Families will enjoy fast, free technical assistance from our subject matter experts. We gladly review student code and answer questions.


Start any time and move at your own pace, with budget-friendly monthly or yearly subscriptions.


Courses are aligned to many state standards for easy insertion into your homeschool transcript.