Printed TextbooksSince 2008, CompuScholar (as Homeschool Programming, Inc.) has been a leader in computer science education for homeschool students. We started with printed textbooks and video CDs and introduced our online delivery format in 2015.

As of January 1st, 2017, all printed textbooks and video CDs are "OUT OF PRINT", and on May 1st, 2018, all authorized sales of printed textbooks and physical CDs will end. What does this mean if you have a printed textbook or still want to buy one?

  • After May 1st, 2018, no printed textbooks or discs will be authorized for sale at any outlet. If you obtain a printed component (new or used) from any venue after May 1st, 2018, that purchase is "at your own risk" and we cannot provide official support.
  • After May 1st, 2019, all printed textbooks and instructional videos are end of life and no longer officially supported. While we believe the content to remain technically valid, the specific versions of IDEs and other technologies may be difficult to obtain or install. We will continue to answer informal questions to the best of our ability.
  • The "Instructional Video" discs contain content in Adobe Flash format and may not play on your computer. Flash as a technology has been discontinued by Adobe and is being increasingly blocked by modern web browsers (see our Help with Videos page for details).

Getting Started with Printed Textbooks

Click here to read our "GETTING STARTED GUIDE" for printed textbook courses... help answer questions like:

  • What comes with my printed course material?
  • How do I get help?
  • How do I view Instructional Videos?
  • How do I manage Student and Solution Files?
  • How do I run the course setup program?
  • What are all these file types I've never seen before?

Installation Pages for Printed Textbooks

Each textbook course contains a "Student Menu" that will direct students to online instructions for downloading and installing all required course components. Click on the link below to visit the installation page for each of the four printed textbook course tracks.

KidCoder: Web Design Installation Page

KidCoder: Visual Basic Installation Page

TeenCoder: C# Installation Page

TeenCoder: Java / Android Installation Page

Help for Instructional Videos

If you have difficulty playing back any instructional video, especially if you see Loading..., Connection Errors, Spinning Circles or Hangs, please visit our Help with Videos page for detailed instructions.

Errata Pages for Printed Textbooks

Please visit our Textbook Errata Page for the latest corrections and additions to the printed material.