TeenCoder C# installation

Installing Printed Textbook Course Material

Installing Visual C# 2010 Express


Please read the following instructions to install your printed TeenCoder: Windows Programming and TeenCoder: Game Programming courses. These instructions only apply to our printed textbook courses! If you reached this page from the "Student Menu" after running the course setup program from the Course CD, then you are in the right place.

Printed course installation consists of two or three main parts:

  • Installing our course material
  • Installing the Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express software
  • (Game Programming only) Installing Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0

These installation steps will be performed as part of the first chapter activity.

Installing our Printed Textbook Course Material

Each course comes with a Student and Solution menu system, activity starters, solutions, a Solution Guide, tests and answers, and other supplemental documents. This material will be installed on your computer by running the setup program from the "Course CD" found inside the back cover of your textbook.

Please read our Getting Started Guide for a walk-through of the course installation process!

Installing Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express

Students will use the Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express software, along with our course material, to write their own C# programs and games. All parts of the Visual C# download and installation are free. Microsoft requires you to register this software, and this also is a free process.

Visual C# 2010 Install Instructions (PDF)

Visual C# 2010 Registration Instructions (PDF)

Visual C# 2010 MSDN (Help Library) Install Instructions (PDF)

Both TeenCoder C# semesters (Windows and Game Programming) use the Visual C# 2010 Express software, so you only need to perform these steps once on each computer you are using for these courses.

Installing XNA Game Studio 4.0

TeenCoder: Game Programming also requires the XNA Game Studio 4.0 component from Microsoft, another free download. XNA Game Studio has been tested and will work on Windows 10!

Please choose the ONE set of instructions below that match your version of the C# IDE.

XNA Game Studio 4.0 Installation - for Visual C# 2010 Express

XNA Game Studio 4.0 Installation - for Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition

3rd party websites such as Microsoft.com may change from time to time. If your download and installation experience does not match our documented steps, please Contact Us for updated documents!

If you have any questions about your computer's ability to run the Visual C# or XNA software, you may follow these instructions in advance of your purchase.