TeenCoder C# installation

Installing Printed Textbook Course Material

Installing Eclipse

Installing Android Development Tools


Please read the following instructions to install your printed TeenCoder: Java Programming and TeenCoder: Android Programming courses. These instructions only apply to our printed textbook courses! If you reached this page from the "Student Menu" after running the course setup program from the Course CD, then you are in the right place.

Printed course installation consists of several parts:

Troubleshooting Command Prompt Errors

If you've never used a command prompt before, or you are having trouble completing an early activity involving command-line operations, please read our Getting Started with Command Prompts guide for assistance.

Mac OS Users Only

Before Beginning to write Java code using TextEdit, Mac OS users must configure TextEdit to work properly with code files. Please carefully follow the instructions below to ensure your TextEdit software can safely open and edit Java and similar text files.

Required Mac OS TextEdit Configuration Instructions

Installing our Printed Textbook Course Material

Each course comes with a Student and Solution menu system, activity starters, solutions, a Solution Guide, tests and answers, and other supplemental documents. This material will be installed on your computer by running the setup program from the "Course CD" found inside the back cover of your textbook.

Please read our Getting Started Guide for a walk-through of the course installation process!

Installing the Java Development Kit (JDK) and Eclipse

Students will use the Java Development Kit (JDK) and Eclipse software, along with our course material, to write their own Java programs. All parts of the JDK and Eclipse download and installation are free.

Java JDK Install Instructions - Windows (PDF)

Java JDK Install Instructions - Mac (PDF)

Eclipse Install Instructions - Windows (PDF)

Eclipse Install Instructions - Mac (PDF)

Eclipse Configuration Instructions (PDF)

Showing File Extensions (PDF)

Both TeenCoder Java semesters (Java and Android Programming) use same the Eclipse software, so you only need to perform these steps once on each computer you are using for these courses.

Installing Android SDK and ADT

TeenCoder: Android Programming also requires installation of the Android SDK and Android Development Tools (ADT) for Eclipse. Please follow the Android Install Instructions below to install these free components:

Android Install Instructions - Windows (PDF)

Android Install Instructions - Mac (PDF)

    ADT-22.0.1.zip (16 MB)

    android-sdk17-windows.zip (280+ MB)

    android-sdk17-macosx.zip (280+ MB)

Updated Chapter 12 and 13 Activities - Weather App

The Weather App activities are no longer supported due to changes in the underlying 3rd party weather service. These activities cannot be completed.

Android Signing and Publishing Instructions

If you want to actually publish an Android app on the Google Play market, you must digitally sign your application and register as a developer. You should also test your app on a real device and consider a variety of publishing options. The following documents will describe these steps:

Preparing to Publish (PDF)

Signing Android Apps (PDF)

Creating a Google Play Account (PDF)

3rd party websites such as eclipse.org may change from time to time. If your download and installation experience does not match our documented steps, please Contact Us for updated documents!

If you have any questions about your computer's ability to run the Java, Eclipse, or Android software, you may follow these instructions in advance of your purchase.