College Board Endorses CompuScholar for AP CSA

CompuScholar's "Java Programming" Curriculum has been endorsed by the College Board for AP CSA!

Announcing C# Programming for 2022

Information for homeschool and individual families on transitioning from "Windows Programming C#" to our new "C# Programming" course.

2021 Holiday Hours and Support

Read about our office hours for the 2021 Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

New "Ungraded Assignments" Teacher Dashboard

Teachers can now click on "Ungraded Assignments" from the Teacher Menu to see a list of assignments with student work awaiting a teacher grade.

Java Programming 2021 College Board-Approved AP CS A Syllabus

Our new Java Programming 2021 edition now has a College Board-Approved Syllabus that teachers can use to complete their AP CS A Course Audits!

Java Programming 2021 Edition update

Our existing Java Programming (AP) course will be replaced by a new edition in 2021!

2020 Holiday Hours and Support

Read about our office hours for the 2020 Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Pre-Approved College Board Syllabus for AP CS A

Teachers can use CompuScholar's pre-approved syllabus to complete the AP CS A Course Audit process.

Digital Savvy HTML Lesson Updates

Our Digital Savvy course now contains live HTML coding panels in the web design chapters!

Python Auto-Grader Preview Feature

Homeschool students can now "preview" their grade before submitting for an auto-graded Python project.