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Printed Textbook Closeout Announcement


Since 2008, CompuScholar (as Homeschool Programming) has been a leader in computer science education for homeschool students. We started with printed textbooks and CDs and introduced a new online delivery format in 2014. This new online format has many advantages over printed textbooks, including:

  • Never obsolete - dynamically updated with fixes and improvements
  • Automatically graded lesson quizzes and chapter tests
  • Full color lesson text and integrated instructional videos
  • Dedicated teacher's guides for every lesson and project grading rubrics
  • Alignment to many state standards
  • Alignment to many common industry certification exams
  • ...and more!

A very significant portion of our students have chosen the new online format, and all of our new and forthcoming courses are online-only. Therefore...

On January 1st, 2017, all printed textbooks will go to "OUT OF PRINT" status.

What does this mean to you?

  • All printed textbooks and CDs are still FULLY VALID. The content is still technically accurate and the software has been tested on all versions of Windows (7, 8, 10).

  • All printed textbooks and CDs are still FULLY SUPPORTED. Whether you have a printed course now, or are considering purchase while supplies last, we still provide fast, free technical support.

For more information on printed textbooks, installation documentation, errata and more, please visit our dedicated Printed Textbooks page.


Printed Textbook Sources

If you missed our closeout sale and still want to purchase printed textbooks, you may be able to find some remaining stock at one of our channel partners. The following partners (in alphabetical order) have carried the printed components in the past and may still have some in stock:

Search for "KidCoder" or "TeenCoder" at these outlet web pages.

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