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Course Enhancements for Fall 2018


At CompuScholar, we are committed to continuous improvement of course offerings, and we are working hard on a variety of new things for Fall 2018. Here's a preview:

  • New instructional videos for the Web Design course
  • Our Web Design course will get all-new instructional videos done in the same style as our Unity Game Programming course. The new videos will better appeal to the middle and high school age groups and focus on screencasts that introduce and demonstrate the main lesson concepts. Videos in our other courses (C#, Java, Savvy, etc) are also in line for replacement after Web Design.

  • New in-lesson "Work with Me" exercises for our C# course
  • Our Unity Game Programming, Java Programming, and Digital Savvy courses all have hands-on "Work with Me" exercises in nearly every lesson to re-enforce the immediate lesson concepts. Currently the C# course has some of those exercises, and by Fall 2018, additional exercises will be fully distributed across all C# coding lessons.

  • New Supplemental Lessons for Digital Savvy, C# and Java
  • We are rolling out a number of new Supplemental Lessons for enrichment topics in several courses. These new lessons can be used to help meet state standards or provide further exploration for your advanced students.

  • A brand new Python course is in the works!
  • By popular request, we are developing a new Python course. It will not be ready for preview until later this summer, but is broadly planned to offer a single semester of introductory Python coding for middle and high school students. Stay tuned for more details as they are available.

If you have other suggestions or ideas, please Contact Us!

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