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New Code Color Syntax Highlighting and Responsive Lessons


This week, we are updating many of our courses with new cosmetic styles! These changes are being rolled out over a period of several days to the following courses:

  • Digital Savvy
  • Web Design
  • Java Programming
  • Unity Game Programming
  • Windows Programming with C#

If you spot any problems, please let us know.


Previously, code boxes were displayed in a simple gray-and-black scheme.

Old Example Code

Now, code boxes will be automatically displayed with color highlighting similar to what students will see in their normal development environments.

New Example Code

The new code boxes also include line numbers to facilitate easy discussion and reference.


Previously, "Lesson Text" pages were displayed with a fixed width that may be difficult to view on smaller devices. Now, "Lesson Text" pages are displayed with responsive styles that will automatically adapt to smaller devices. Videos and images will shrink to fit the available space. New code boxes will gain scroll bars when needed instead of wrapping code to new lines.

Responsive Example Code

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