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New "Sequential" grade report added to grade-book


Teachers, we are pleased to announce a new tab in your grade-book called the "Sequential report". This tab will list the same information as the "Grade report", but it is oriented vertically, with graded items listed in the order they appear in the course in rows. Students are displayed across the top in columns.

This means all of the grades for Chapter 1 are shown together, all of the grades for Chapter 2 are shown together, etc. You can conveniently scroll up and down to see the sequential list of grades. If you have more students than will show in columns on the right, you can paginate your way through students or use the first/last name filters at the top to quickly narrow down the displayed results. You should still have full editing capability and hyperlinked access to different views, just as in the original "Grade report".

We hope you like this new feature - please Contact Us to tell us what you think!

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