2019 Java Programming Course Enhancements


We're hard at work making our popular Java Programming courses (Abridged and AP) even better in 2019! Here is a brief list of enhancements that will be rolled out this year:

  • Released 3/13/2019 - Vocabulary lists and pop-ups - Each lesson will have tool-tip popups with definitions for key words and a vocabulary list at the end.
  • Released 3/13/2019 - Image and cosmetic updates - Lessons will receive updates, where needed, to ensure a full-color experience.
  • Release late May / early June - New instructional videos - We're updating all current Java instructional videos with new versions that are more focused on screencast demonstrations.

That's just for starters. Other things are in the works, like an in-browser code tester, lesson updates to match new 2019 AP Computer Science A standards and more. Stay tuned!

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