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New Java Programming In-Browser Coding Engine


Our Java Programming (Abridged) and Java Programming (AP) courses are being updated with an in-browser coding engine! Like our existing Python and C# courses, students can now (when appropriate) type Java code directly into the web browser and execute it to see immediate results.

  • 9/11/2019 - The first 7 chapters have been updated.
  • Remaining chapters to be updated in the coming days!

These lesson updates do not impact any graded activities, quizzes or tests, nor do they modify the concepts taught in any lesson. They merely provide a more interactive and dynamic way to explore the coding concepts. Some previously "static" code examples are now live code boxes that the students can modify and run. Similarly, console-oriented "Work with Me" exercises can now be done directly in the web browser instead of working in an external IDE. Exercises that are graphical in nature (e.g. Java Swing) will continue to be done in an external IDE as normal.

For an introduction to the in-browser coding engine and important "how-to-use" notes, please see Chapter 2, Lesson 2 Text.

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