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Java Programming 2021 Edition update


Our popular Java Programming (AP) course has long been used by homeschoolers to prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam. We are pleased to announce a new 2021 edition of this course (available June 1st).

Our Java Programming 2021 edition has major new features, including:

  • Auto-Graded Student Projects - All required AP CS A student projects will be fully auto-graded by our online system.
  • No Software Installation Required - All AP CS A chapters, lessons and student projects can be completed in an online coding environment from any device.
  • Chapter and Lesson Re-Sequencing - We have re-ordered the material to follow the recommended College Board Unit Sequence for AP CS A, to better support your optional use of the College Board's resources for exam prep.

The existing course edition will no longer be sold through our website starting May 1st, 2021. The new 2021 edition will be available for purchase on June 1st, 2021. On June 1st, the subscription prices for this course will change as well to $25 / month or $225 / year.

If you have already purchased and started the existing Java Programming course, carry on! We continue to support that course for all currently enrolled students. Your experience will not change and all material is still valid.

If you have purchased the existing course but have not started yet, and would like to switch to the new course, we can accommodate that transition (the new pricing will apply).

Please Contact Us with any questions!

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