New "Ungraded Assignments" Teacher Dashboard

Teachers can now click on "Ungraded Assignments" from the Teacher Menu to see a list of assignments with student work awaiting a teacher grade.

Java Programming 2021 College Board-Approved AP CS A Syllabus

Our new Java Programming 2021 edition now has a College Board-Approved Syllabus that teachers can use to complete their AP CS A Course Audits!

Java Programming 2021 Edition update

Our existing Java Programming (AP) course will be replaced by a new edition in 2021!

2020 Holiday Hours and Support

Read about our office hours for the 2020 Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Pre-Approved College Board Syllabus for AP CS A

Teachers can use CompuScholar's pre-approved syllabus to complete the AP CS A Course Audit process.

Digital Savvy HTML Lesson Updates

Our Digital Savvy course now contains live HTML coding panels in the web design chapters!

Python Auto-Grader Preview Feature

Homeschool students can now "preview" their grade before submitting for an auto-graded Python project.

Python Auto-Grader Improvements

We have deployed a number of cool new features to our Python auto-grader. Check them out!

2019 Holiday Hours and Support

Read about our office hours for the upcoming holidays.

New Web Design In-Browser Coding Practice

Our Web Design lessons have been updated with in-browser coding panels for interactive skill-building!