New Code Color Syntax Highlighting and Responsive Lessons

Our lesson are gaining automatic color syntax highlighting for code boxes! The lessons will also adapt to smaller screen sizes.

The Old Schoolhouse Review of Unity Game Programming

Check out this review of our "Unity Game Programming" course by the folks at The Old Schoolhouse!

New Web Design Videos are Here

Our Web Design course now contains all-new instructional videos

Course Enhancements for Fall 2018

Check out our plans for course improvements and additions for the upcoming school year!

New Java Programming Exercises Are Here

Our Java Programming (AP) lessons are now enhanced with additional in-class coding exercises.

Save 20% on Self-Study Courses, Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2017

Our self-study courses are 20% off during the 2017 Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale!

Unity Game Programming has been released!

Our new Unity Game Programming course is ready for students.

Homeschool & Individual Student Server Migration

All homeschool and individual students have been migrated to a new server with new features!

Welcome Homeschool Programming Fans

Homeschool Programming and CompuScholar have a new joint website!

Printed Textbook Closeout Announcement

Our printed textbooks have gone out-of-print as of January 1, 2017. Find out what this means to you and how they are still supported.