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The support team was patient and very helpful. I was having trouble figuring out my code and with their help, I got 100% on my activity.
Submitted by Collin B. from Ohio

The customer service was very helpful. They were quick to respond and had clear troubleshooting steps, 10/10 service.
Submitted by Chris M. from Georgia

I used CompuScholar's original computer programming textbooks for my homeschooled children. Both of my children launched their careers from these textbook courses. Due to my love of teaching and seeing the need for homeschool students to become equipped with programming languages, I again looked for resources to teach. I have found CompuScholar's "C# Programming" and "Python Programming" to be excellent online courses to give middle and high school students a solid introduction to computer programming. The courses provide online text to introduce each topic, quizzes, exams and programming exercises. We were able to complete most of the course in 31 weeks meeting only once a week. I do have a degree in computer science but I was happy to be able to learn the new concepts of object oriented programming to provide the support, encouragement and challenge to enable my students to complete the courses with a feeling of accomplishment!
Submitted by Tilly C. from Texas

It was awesome! They were super helpful and responded very quickly. They were also nice.
Submitted by Noah H. from Georgia

Our three children have almost completed two courses with CompuScholar. As I have very limited knowledge when it comes to IT, it has been great to have the lessons taught clearly and in a logical sequence. We have been impressed by the support from their team whenever the children needed help with their assignments. They have always managed to resolve their issues with much patience. Thank you!
Submitted by Susan B. from Queensland, Australia

After a few days of work, my son could not find the errors in his project. I went over it with him with the teacher's guide but still had no luck so I put in a request for help. CompuScholar answered me in less than an hour with the answer and a great explanation of what was going on so I could help my son. It was great!
Submitted by Anna D. from Pennsylvania

Very nice, useful and educational experience.
Submitted by Mulham A. from Saudia Arabia


Outstanding service.
Submitted by Juliette K. from California


The curriculum is amazing. They make it easy to understand, and for the stuff that is hard to understand they have people willing to help you fix it. Amazing service every time. Nice people who are willing to help you. 10/10
Submitted by Jackson F. from Virginia


My son did several CompuScholar/Homeschool Programming courses in middle school and high school along with some online public high school courses. He is now in college studying computer science and at the top of his class. When I asked him what he thought prepared him more, he replied, definitely CompuScholar/Homeschool Programming! I’m so thankful!
Submitted by Valerie H.


The Digital Savvy course is easy to use and provides up-to-date information regarding computer use for my kids.
Submitted by Becky R. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


This is our second year utilizing CompuScholar. Last year I had one student take Digital Savvy and she loved it. This year I have two more taking the Digital Savvy course and one taking the Python course. I love how easy it is to track progress and grade projects. My daughter loves the Python course. Digital Savvy is a great overview and meets our State Standards for the required Computer Science credit to receive a state approved diploma. I have told quite a few friends about it and those who try it always love it.
Submitted by R. M. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op.


We started using CompuScholar this year as an option to diversify our sons learning for home-school. I wish we had found it earlier. He enjoyed the format and presentation of Digital Savvy, and that it allowed him to work at more of his own pace. It makes a big difference when a student enjoys a course each day vs dragging them across the finish line with the same old methods and presentation. Great courses and great material!! My son has graduated now and CompuScholar made it more of a pleasure.
Submitted by Eric C. from Florida


Digital Savvy is a very good beginner's course. My son is using it mostly on his own and is enjoying it. It is exactly what we were looking for.
Submitted by C. H. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


[Python Programming] is really effective for learning to code. I like that it self-grades.
Submitted by Missy P. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


[The support rep] helped me really quickly so that I was able to get on my work while I was still in class! No other site has helped me so quickly! [The support rep] addressed my problem himself instead of giving me a load of instructions like other sites have.
Submitted by Alex D. from Utah


[The support rep] was so helpful when I had a problem with one of my coding classes! I always got a reply almost instantly, and the problem was sorted out! Really happy with how he handled the situation!
Submitted by Hannah May R. from Illinois


Highly recommend CompuScholar for computer related courses. Easy to use for both student and teacher. The material is presented and followed up with projects and quizzes. We have used for several courses.
Submitted by Catie C. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


Their customer service is awesome. [The support rep] was extremely helpful and his responses were very fast. In the courses I've taken, their teaching style is comprehensible, and I didn't feel that I was on an entirely different page. Thank you so much CompuScholar.
Submitted by Caleb K. from Massachusetts


My child has taken multiple courses now with CompuScholar and absolutely loves them. He enjoys being able to take the classes any time he wants and tells us that he wants more. I enjoy how easy it is for us to watch his progress, that grades for exams & quizzes are done for us, and grading rubrics are provided for the lab work. As a non-programming person, this is an awesome resource that I can't recommend enough!
Submitted by DH. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


Super fast support! Amazing courses too! Thank you so much CompuScholar!
Submitted by Alex W. from North Carolina


We are impressed with the professionalism and continued support for their programming products.
Submitted by David S. from California


CompuScholar has been a great resource for teaching my middle school children about computer science. The video instruction is clear and concise and the quizzes for each lesson validate comprehension. We will definitely be purchasing additional programs through CompuScholar.
Submitted from Laurie U. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


We ordered Digital Savvy for my kids. They are close in age, but differ greatly as to their level of computer knowledge. I wanted to introduce the youngest to basic computer skills and I wanted to fill in gaps for the oldest, with my middle child somewhere in between. The course is doing just that. It's excellent. I bump up the projects for the oldest and help the youngest through them. All of them are learning, and we have even had a few of those "a-ha" moments that have led us into further discussion. It's well laid out and very comprehensive. I recommend it whole-heartedly.
Submitted from JAL via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


My 11-year-old twins completed the Web Design course this summer. It took them step-by-step through the process of putting together a website. They were inspired and motivated to complete the course even outside of our normal school year.

The videos explained the process very well. Readings reiterated the concepts in the videos and went a little deeper into the material. Quizzes ensured they understood each lesson, and projects helped them develop confidence and independence. When we did have trouble figuring things out, customer service responded very quickly. Now the girls are creating their own websites from scratch.

I've looked at other options for teaching the same material, but for this age range, CompuScholar's materials are thorough yet easy to understand. My husband, who works in the field of web design, was also impressed with all my girls learned in this course.

Going through the course with the girls has helped me bring my computer skills up to date as well, and it's a great stepping stone for further study.

Submitted from Jenn P. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


I would highly recommend CompuScholar for learning web design. I saw the free summer offer and decided to check it out. I took the course myself, well part of it, it is a two semester course. There are 27 chapters (I think), each chapter has 3-5 lessons. Each lesson has a video, a written part, and a quiz. Each chapter also has an activity and an exam. The lessons were interesting, bite size, and easy to understand. Even though I only got through the first semester I did skim the rest and I learned a lot. I don't have any kids interested in computers that are old enough to take any of their courses but will definitely be looking at them in a few years and recommending them to friends now.
Submitted from Robbin M. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op


CompuScholar was the perfect basic computer class for our son. Son #2 starts it today.
Submitted from Brenda A. via the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op