Managing CompuScholar Licenses

Learn how public/private school teachers can distribute student licenses to their course sections.

Introducing a New Course, "Tech Essentials"

We are pleased to announce a new course for Fall 2023! "Tech Essentials" teaches middle school students basic digital literacy skills.

Wrapping Up Your CompuScholar School Year

Find out when your 2022-2023 SY courses will be removed, what you need to do before then, how to get access over the summer, and review your license for renewal!

AP CSP Endorsement and Professional Learning

CompuScholar's "Computer Science Foundations" curriculum has been endorsed by the College Board for AP CSP! Read about our new Professional Learning and other impacts here.

High School Programming Languages and Course Tracks

How should we be selecting languages and courses to best serve today's high school students?

ChatGPT - A Primer for Teachers

Explore how students can use ChatGPT and similar AI tools to cheat - and what teachers can do to prevent it.

New "Custom Activities" Feature

Learn how teachers can create their own custom activities in Java, Python, and C#.

Working with Online and Auto-Graded Projects

Let's explore the types of online assignments supported by CompuScholar's system.

Getting Started with "Unity Game Programming"

Learn the basics of running a video game design course using CompuScholar's "Unity Game Programming" curriculum.

Introducing the "Computer Science Foundations" Course

Our newest course, "Computer Science Foundations", can be used as a primary resource for AP CSP and similar state-level standards.