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CompuScholar in Spanish and Other Languages


CompuScholar in Spanish and Other Languages

CompuScholar in Spanish and Other LanguagesA wide variety of students use CompuScholar's computer science and digital literacy courses, including ESL students who are still learning English. Today's automatic translation tools make it very easy to convert our text material to Spanish and other languages.

Auto-Translation Advantages

Using the built-in translation tools available in all major web browsers has many advantages:

  • Text content on any page can be translated, including chapters, lessons, and quizzes
  • A wide variety of languages are available - including Spanish and many others
  • Auto translations are free and instant
  • Web-based translation features will work in any LMS (ours, Canvas, Schoology, etc.)
  • ESL students can switch back and forth between English and native languages to facilitate learning English
  • Districts do not need to pre-order quantities of specific language texts ahead of time.

Google Chrome and Google Translate

One popular translation tool is Google Translate, a free extension for Google Chrome. Simply install Google Translate from the Chrome Web Store and enable the language you want to use from chrome://settings/languages.

Then, when viewing any HTML page such as a lesson text, just right-click and select "Translate" to your desired language.

Google Translate Option

Notice that code segments are not translated, as we certainly don't want to invalidate the code by converting important language keywords and function names.

Translated Example

Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari

All other major web browsers have similar automatic translation features! In fact, in most cases, the features are built-in and you don't need to install any extensions.

  • Microsoft Edge - Go to edge://settings/languages in your Edge browser for configuration options
  • Mozilla Firefox - Go to about:preferences in your Firefox browser for configuration options
  • Apple Safari - See Apple Support articles and many other online sources for guidance

No matter which browser you use, translations are free and easy!

Instructional Videos

Each CompuScholar lesson has an optional instructional video for students who enjoy an audio-visual introduction to the lesson text. Web browser text translation tools will naturally have no impact on the audio track or closed-caption tracks within a video. Instead, we provide both English and Spanish closed-caption tracks to support our large population of Spanish students.

When watching any video, simply use your web browser video toolbar to select the desired English or Spanish "CC" track.

English and Spanish video captions

For More Information

Check out our November/December 2023 Professional Development Webinar - "CompuScholar in Spanish and Other Languages" - for further details and a video walk-through. As always, please Contact Us if you have questions!

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