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Introducing the "Computer Science Foundations" Course


Introducing the Computer Science Foundations Course for AP CSP

By popular demand, CompuScholar is launching a new title, Computer Science Foundations! This new curriculum can be flexibly used to meet all requirements of an AP Computer Science Principles course, including dedicated guidance on completing the performance task and preparing for the CSP exam. Schools can also use this title as a non-AP, introductory computer science curriculum to meet specific state standards.


Computer Science Foundations is based on the Python language. This course will combine newly written material and existing elements from our Python Programming, Digital Savvy, and other courses as needed.

A PREVIEW of the new course is now available for public/private school teachers with review accounts. Simply click on the "Request Review Access" button from your Teacher Dashboard or fill out the Getting Started form to see the preview. The PREVIEW course has many chapters, lessons, and activities in place, while others are "coming soon". Pardon our dust while we are under construction, but many teachers wanted an early peek!


Introducing the Computer Science Foundations Course for AP CSPA primary goal of Computer Science Foundations is to provide high-quality support for all AP Computer Science Principles requirements as published by the College Board. Our Java Programming course has been endorsed for AP Computer Science A, and we look forward to supporting the CSP community as well!

To meet all AP CSP requirements, the new course starts by teaching Python coding using our online, auto-graded environment. Additional chapters have been created to cover other CSP Big Ideas and topics such as:

  • Computing Concepts and Networking
  • Collaborative Design and Development
  • Understanding Algorithms and Data
  • Impacts of Computing, Legal and Ethical Concerns
  • Completing the CSP "Performance Task"
  • Preparing for the CSP Exam

Please visit the Computer Science Foundations course description page for an AP CSP syllabus, requirements cross-reference, and more!


Many states define introductory computer science courses that are similar to AP CSP. For example, you will find "Fundamentals of Computer Science" in Texas, "Coding Fundamentals" in Florida, "Computer Science Principles" in Georgia, and so on. Computer Science Foundations can be used to address these standards as well!

In support of state standards, Computer Science Foundations contains optional units can be used as needed.

  • Web Design Unit
  • Computer Skills Unit
  • Computer Careers Unit
  • our traditional Supplemental Chapters with enrichment topics.

Please visit the Computer Science Foundations course description page for a syllabus that describes how to use the course to meet non-AP, state-level requirements for introductory computer science.


Check out our May2022 Professional Development Webinar - "Announcing Computer Science Foundations" - for further discussion and a video tour of the new course. As always, please Contact Us if you have questions!

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