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Introducing "Java Programming" 2021


Introducing "Java Programming" 2021

After months of hints and teasing, we have finally unveiled a PREVIEW version of our Java Programming 2021 course. This completely reworked course has major new features that makes it an even better fit for distance learning, AP CS A classrooms and more.

No Local Installation Requirements

Even in a typical school year, getting local IDEs like Eclipse installed on lab computers can be a chore. Now that many students are stuck in a distance learning model with tablets or Chromebooks, local installation becomes even more problematic. The Java Programming 2021 course has no local installation requirements! All "required" or "core" chapters can now be completed just with a web browser - including the hands-on coding projects. If you still want to use an external IDE, you can, and some of later, optional projects will use an external IDE. But the core course, including all AP CS A requirements, can be completed with no installation.

Auto-Graded Projects

Introducing "Java Programming" 2021Now that coded projects are stored and submitted online, our auto-grader can automatically grade student work. Just like our Python course, the Java activities will now be instantly graded upon student submission, and teachers simply need to click a few buttons to review and approve the grades.

Reordered to match the AP CS A Unit Sequence

The College Board has a recommended "Unit Sequence" (order of topics) for AP Computer Science A courses. This unit sequence lines up with the additional resources published by the College Board on the AP Classroom. Therefore, the Java Programming 2021 course has been re-ordered to match the recommended Unit Sequence. Our Teacher's Guides now contain additional pointers to matching College Board AP Classroom resources.

Combined "Abridged" and "AP" Versions

Our new Java Programming 2021 edition replaces both the "AP" and "Abridged" versions of our Java Programming course. This one course unifies the material in both courses and can be flexibly applied to any situation. We provide a Syllabus and Planning Guide for AP teachers as well as introductory Computer Science teachers. Just navigate through the course using the appropriate syllabus.

Get Review Access Now!

If you do not yet have a CompuScholar teacher account and would like to get review access, please sign up with your school credentials on our Getting Started Page. Existing CompuScholar teachers can request review access through the Teacher Dashboard.

The current review access is for a PREVIEW edition. The preview course is currently complete with lessons, teacher's guides, activities, instructions and solutions. We have not yet uploaded the following elements: instructional videos, quizzes and tests and assessment PDF answer keys.

Release Date

The full production course will be released in the summer of 2021 and be available for your fall 2021 classrooms.

For More Information

For a video walk-through of the new course, check out our February, 2021 Professional Development webinar. As always, please Contact Us if you have questions!

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