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Introducing the New "C# Programming" Course


Introducing the New C# Programming Course

Longtime CompuScholar fans know our Windows Programming C# course was one of our first publications. We are thrilled to return to the C# language with a brand new C# Programming course that takes advantage of our latest online features!


Our earlier Windows Programming C# course relies on the Visual Studio development environment and the Windows operating system. While Visual Studio is a great IDE, offline work does pose some challenges.

  • Local software installation and licensing can be problematic in some schools
  • Windows operating system required (no Chromebooks, etc.)
  • Manual file management & submission
  • Manual teacher grading of projects

Additionally, our newer courses like Java Programming have enhanced features such as auto-graded student projects, vocabulary lists, chapter homework exercises, etc. We want our C# students to have the same great experience, so decided to launch a new C# Programming course to take advantage of our modern features.

Introducing the New C# Programming CourseOur Windows Programming C# course has been reviewed and adopted in a variety of states as part of instructional materials review cycles. Per our state contracts, the course will remain available for any schools that would like to continue using it. However, the new C# Programming course will meet and exceed those same state standards, and we suspect most teachers will flock to the new curriculum.


Our new C# Programming course was designed from the ground up to provide a best-of-breed learning experience with the C# language. The new course includes:

  • Online Coding Environment - Students code and submit work online
  • No Local Software Installation - Complete the hands-on projects from any device
  • Auto-Graded Projects - Teaching is a breeze with our automation!
  • Vocabulary, Homework, and More - New vocabulary lists and homework exercises
  • Revised and Expanded Content - Completely rewritten and re-sequenced lessons

Check out our course Syllabus and Pacing Guide (PDF) for the complete scope and sequence.


The first 16 chapters of the new C# Programming course are now available as a PREVIEW. Teachers can request a free review account at our Getting Started page:

Request Free Review Account

The preview course has complete lessons, quizzes and tests, and chapter activities for the first 16 chapters. Additional content (later chapters, instructional videos, homework exercises, etc.) will be released this summer.

The full course will be generally available starting in the Fall of 2022!


Check out our April 2022 Professional Development Webinar - "Introducing the new C# Programming Course" - for further discussion and a video tour of the new course. As always, please Contact Us if you have questions!

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