Available on Windows operating systems.

The CompuScholar Windows Programming course uses the Microsoft C# language to teach introductory computer programming and classic computer science concepts.

Topics Covered

This course covers fundamental programming topics and skills such as:

  • Using Integrated Development Environments
  • C# Data types and variables
  • Logical expressions and flow control
  • Math and string operations
  • GUI design and Windows input controls
  • Writing functions
  • Debugging and exceptions
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Collections
  • Sorting and recursion
  • File I/O

Click on the Course Syllabus tab to see a complete list of topics.

Student Work

All lesson quizzes and chapter tests are auto-graded by our system. Students will complete hands-on coding projects in every chapter, and these projects are teacher or parent-graded using our simple rubrics.

Scroll through the images below to see a few examples of student work.

  • Basic Console Programs

  • Calculator Program

  • Sorting and Recursion

  • Drawing Graphics

  • Object-Oriented Concepts


Windows Programming meets standards for introductory coding courses in a number of states. Click on the name of the state course to view alignments.

If you don't see your state listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements!


Course 460020 - (2015-2017) Essentials of Computer Programming

Course 465010 / 465020 - (2017+) Computer Science with Programming

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Course - Programming & Software Development I

See all courses that match Idaho standards


Course - Computer Science

See all courses that match Nevada standards


Course 145060 - Programming

See all courses that match Ohio standards


Course 6098 - Coding I (Programming & Logic I)

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Course §130.309 - Computer Programming I

Course §126.33 - Computer Science I

See all courses that match Texas standards


Course 35-02-00-00-030 - Computer Programming I

See all courses that match Utah standards

This course requires a computer with the Windows operating system.

Our course material and interactive online system can be accessed from any HTML5-compliant web browser on standard computers, laptops, or tablets with an Internet connection.

In order to complete hands-on projects, students will use a computer with one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10