Available on Windows Mac , Chromebooks and tablets

Recommended for Grades 6 - 12

The CompuScholar Python Programming course uses the Python language to teach introductory computer programming. This one-semester course is a perfect introduction to computer science.

Hot New Features:

  • Requires no local software installation
  • Student coding projects are auto-graded

Topics Covered

This course covers fundamental coding topics and skills such as:

  • Printing and User Input
  • Data types and variables
  • Logical expressions and flow control
  • Debugging skills
  • Lists and Loops
  • Working with numbers, dates and strings
  • Writing and using functions
  • Simple Object-Oriented Programming
  • ...and more!

Click on the Course Syllabus tab to see a complete list of topics.

Student Work

All lesson quizzes and chapter tests are auto-graded by our system. Students will complete hands-on codiing projects, which are also auto-graded by our system.

Students will write code directly in our online Python engine; no local software installation or file management is required. Each chapter features many in-lesson exercises as well as graded activities. Scroll through the images below to see a few examples of student work.

  • Work-with-Me Exercise

  • Chat-bot Activity Description

  • In-Lesson Coding Sandbox

  • Mars Rover Activity

  • Auto-graded Activity Results


Please review our course syllabus, which contains the following information:

  • Specific chapter and lesson topics
  • Pacing guide, overall course length and exepected hours per week


View the Python Programming Syllabus PDF File

This course requires a computer or tablet with an Internet connection.

The course can be completed using a Windows or Mac computer, Chromebook or any other web-capable device with sufficient web browser.

No local software installation is required. The entire course and all hands-on projects can be completed through the web browser!