C# Programming Ready for Fall 2022

Our new "C# Programming" course is done and ready for production use in the Fall of 2022

Computer Science Foundations Progress Update

Check out the current status and deployment plans for our new course in Fall, 2022.

Announcing C# Programming for 2022

We are launching a brand new C# Programming course. Check out the details!

Digital Savvy 2022 Edition Updates

Our Digital Savvy course has a new 2022 edition. Read about it here!

Java Programming Endorsed for AP CSA by the College Board

The Collage Board has endorsed CompuScholar as a provider for high-quality AP CSA curriculum and professional development!

2021 Holiday Hours and Support

Read about our office hours for the 2021 Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Alignments to Indiana Computer Science Standards

CompuScholar's courses support Indiana's Computer Science and other Academic Standards.

Auto-Save Feature for Homework Problems and Assignments

All homework problems and some chapter activities will now auto-save to preserve student work.

Spanish Captions for Instructional Videos

Track our progress on releasing Spanish captions for our Instructional Videos.

Java Programming Homework Exercises are Complete

Our new homework exercises in the Java Programming course are now complete!