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Important 2016-2017 School-Year Wrap-Up Information


Courses assigned to classroom teachers in schools are normally purged over the summer to make way for new classes in the fall. This includes all course copies, student accounts and teacher accounts. For regular 2016-2017 classrooms, the target delete date is June 16, 2017. Homeschool students or individuals who have purchased direct course enrollments are not affected.

Before June 16, 2017, all classroom teachers should:

  • Carefully export all required grading information from the electronic gradebook for your permanent records.
  • Carefully download any private files or submitted projects that you want to keep on a permanent basis.
  • Communicate to students that their accounts will be deleted at this time. Students should likewise preserve all private files or personally submitted projects they want to keep.
  • Contact CompuScholar if your school needs an extension beyond June 16, 2017; we can accommodate you!
  • Contact CompuScholar for continued teacher and district access over the summer.

We're making some great improvements for the upcoming school year. Please visit our News Page for details, and let us know what courses you want for Fall, 2017!

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