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Unity Installation Instructions Updated


Our Unity Game Programming instructions for installing the Unity IDE have received some important updates!

Course participants are now advised to select a specific version of the IDE in order to ensure an exact match to the course material and a smooth installation.

  • Windows Users - should install the latest 2017.X version
  • Mac OS Users - should install the 2017.1.2 version

Please see the Chapter 1 Activity Starter Files within the course for detailed instructions!


IMPORTANT: If you have installed any Unity 2018.X version, you will not have access to the MonoDevelop IDE described within the course. Instead, you will receive the Visual Studio Community Edition IDE. Both IDEs will work, and we plan to update the course material to reflect Visual Studio for the coming school year. Our instructions will continue to specify the Unity 2017.X versions until the course material is updated for Visual Studio.

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