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Unity Game Programming 2019 Version Update


The Unity IDE undergoes frequent revisions, with one or more new releases each year. Students can generally install and use the latest version with success.

As of 2019, the Unity installation and licensing procedure is somewhat different than prior years. Additionally, the "Unity Hub" was introduced as a central place to manage licenses, installed IDE versions and individual projects.

We have now upgraded our Unity Game Programming course to match the 2019 Unity experience. Changes to the course include:

  • New Unity Installation and Licensing Instructions can be found in the Chapter 1 Activity
  • All "Starter Files" and "Solution Files" projects have been upgraded to Unity current 2019 version 2019.1.9f
  • Light cosmetic changes to some lesson to show new screens

If you are just starting Unity now, then simply follow the new installation instructions. If you have already installed an older version of Unity, please upgrade your version of the Unity IDE to at least 2019.1.9f or later! Because all course "starter files" and "solution files" have been upgraded to 2019.1.9f, you will need at least this version of the IDE on your local computer to open those projects.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please Contact Us.

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