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Free Access for Schools Closed by Coronavirus


If your public, private or charter school has been closed due to coronavirus, CompuScholar can help! Our online classes are naturally suited to distance learning, and we are providing online access for free to impacted schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 SY.

Update: This program has closed as of June 12, 2020 with the end of the 2019-2020 SY.

Terms and Limitations

  • Limited to public, private and charter schools within the 50 United States.
  • Access requests must come from a school official or teacher using a school-based email address.
  • A school-based teacher is required to administer the curriculum.
  • Individual students are not eligible (even if impacted by a school closure).
  • Free online access ends on June 12, 2020.
  • Limited to one CompuScholar course per student at a closed school.
  • We reserve the right to set overall participation limits per school, district or within this free-access program as needed.

To get started, please follow these steps

  1. Request a free review account
  2. When approved, examine our online courses to select the best fit for your students
  3. Contact Us to request specific courses for your classrooms. Please include:
    • The name of your school
    • The number of class sections you are teaching and the CompuScholar title for each section
    • The approximate number of students in each class section
    • A link to your school or district closure announcement

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