Unity Game Programming Update for 2021


Our Unity Game Programming course relies on the 3rd party Unity IDE, and that IDE receives frequent updates. Therefore, we periodically update our own course to match the current version of the IDE.

This summer, we are updating our material to match Unity IDE version 2020.3.8 (which is current as of mid-2021). Changes to the course material include:

  • Updated download & installation instructions
  • Updated lesson text with new images and/or instructions, where needed
  • Updated teacher's guides
  • Updated starter project ZIP and solution project ZIP files
  • Updated instructional videos, where needed

In most cases, changes are minor and cosmetic in nature, but the IDE does occasionally change the way things are done in the IDE or in code. All students in our Unity course after the update must install version 2020.3.8 or greater of the Unity IDE.

The estimated delivery of most Unity updates is June 18, 2021. Updates to instructional videos will follow later in the summer.

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