2021 System UI Improvements


When teachers talk, we listen! By popular request, our technical team has made the following User Interface enhancements to our online system:

  • Grade-book: The default tab is now the "Sequential Report". This view has been available for several years and is preferred by most teachers, but some missed it because the grade-book link from the Teacher Menu led to the horizontal report.
  • Grade-book: The titles of graded elements are now color-coded to make it easy to distinguish quizzes, tests and activities at a glance.
  • Grade-book: A duplicate student pagination bar has been added at the bottom of the grade list, so teachers don't need to scroll up to find that bar and move to the next page of students.
  • Navigation: Teachers now have a quick-access list of their available courses on the Teacher Menu within each course, so they don't need to return to the dashboard to switch to a different course.
  • Teacher Dashboard*: Teachers can now sort courses listed in their "My Courses" block by category, name or last-access time.
  • Configure Course*: Teachers with "Course Configuration" access can now re-weight the Quiz, Test and Activity categories to change how they contribute to the overall course grade.

If you have any other suggestions, please Contact Us!

* These features do not apply to homeschool and individual families.

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