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Digital Savvy 2022 Edition Updates


As part of our commitment to maintain modern courses with the latest features, we are making the following enhancements to our Digital Savvy course in 2022:

  • Vocabulary Terms - The "Lesson Text" pages now feature pop-up vocabulary definitions for key words, along with a collection of vocabulary words and definitions at the bottom of the page.
  • Content Refresh - The Lessons were reviewed and updated as needed to stay current with versions of operating systems, software packages, etc.

Digital Savvy

Rollout Plans:

As of 3/25/2022, teachers with current "review" access to Digital Savvy will automatically see the new 2022 edition of Digital Savvy on their Teacher Dashboards.

All production courses (including public/private/homeschool courses) will receive these updates at the conclusion of the 2021-2022 SY, on or about June 1st, 2022. No action is needed by students or teachers; upgrades will happen automatically!

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