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Computer Science Foundations Progress Update


We are pleased to announce that our new Computer Science Foundations course will be available for public, private, and charter schools in the Fall of 2022!

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This new course can be used as a primary resource for AP Computer Science Principles classrooms, covering all topics on the CED and containing built-in guidance for completing the MCQ exam and the Create Performance Task. We have a College Board-approved syllabus #3187373v1 - teachers can "claim identical" to this syllabus to easily complete the Course Audit.

AP Computer Science Principles Syllabus (PDF) - CB-Approved Syllabus# 3187373v1

Schools may also use the course to satisfy a variety of similar state standards for introductory computer science.

Introductory Computer Science Syllabus (PDF)

Current Development Status

7/19/2022 - We continue to work on parts of the course, incorporating feedback from early users and completing our own internal list of updates. Here is a quick peek at the current status as of 7/19/2022:

  • All hands-on chapter activities are complete
  • All lessons are present (but subject to further editing)
  • Many instructional videos are complete, with more uploaded daily
  • All quizzes and tests are present (but subject to further updates)

Public, private, and charter school teachers can get review access to this course through our Getting Started page.

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