Digital Savvy Update for 2023


We are pleased to announce updates to our Digital Savvy course for the 2023-2024 SY!

Digital Savvy Logo

Changes to the course material include:

  • Updated lessons and videos throughout, where needed, to stay current with 3rd party app versions
  • Addition of Chromebook information for OS, file management, and similar topics
  • New lesson in Chapter 4 - "Managing Files in the Cloud"
  • Replacement of Scratch with an integrated Blockly coding editor in Chapters 22 and 23

In many cases, the first two types of changes (updated lessons, videos, and additional Chromebook info) have been added in place to existing courses, so all current students should see them immediately. To take advantage of the new lesson in Chapter 4 and the updated coding engine in Chapters 22 and 23, you must create or license a new Digital Savvy course after 7/5/2023.

Why did we replace Scratch with Blockly? With Blockly, we can integrate the coding experience directly into our own lesson pages and chapter activities, so students no longer need to visit a 3rd party website. Additionally, because Blockly programs are coded and submitted within our environment, we can now auto-grade them, and teachers don't have to worry about managing 3rd party project files.

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