Unity Installation Instructions Updated

Our Unity Game Programming instructions for installing the Unity IDE have been updated.

New Massachusetts Alignments

We are pleased to announce that CompuScholar's courses can be used to meet Massachusetts's standards for "Digital Literacy and Computer Science" at middle and high school levels. Please visit our Massachusetts landing page for details.

Click Here for Massachusetts Alignments

Important SY 2017-2018 Wrap-Up Procedures

This information does not apply to homeschool families or individual student purchases!

Courses assigned to classroom teachers in schools are normally purged over the summer to make way for new classes in the fall. Those courses, associated grades, student accounts and teacher accounts will be permanently deleted. For regular 2017-2018 classrooms,…

Course Enhancements for Fall 2018

At CompuScholar, we are committed to continuous improvement of course offerings, and we are working hard on a variety of new things for Fall 2018. Here's a preview:

    • New instructional videos for the Web Design course

Our Web Design course will get all-new instructional videos done in the same style as our Unity Game Programming course.…

New Java Programming Exercises Are Here

Our Java Programming (AP) and Java Programming (Abridged) lessons are now enhanced with additional in-class coding exercises.