Auto-Save Feature for Homework Problems and Assignments

All homework problems and some chapter activities will now auto-save to preserve student work.

Spanish Captions for Instructional Videos

Track our progress on releasing Spanish captions for our Instructional Videos.

Java Programming Homework Exercises are Complete

Our new homework exercises in the Java Programming course are now complete!

Video Captions Now Available in Other LMS Integrations

Students in Canvas, Schoology and other LMS can now access closed captions on our instructional videos.

New Alignments for Alabama's CTE Programs

Our courses are aligned to Alabama's CTE standards and have been submitted for the 2021 Alabama Instructional Materials adoption cycle.

New "Ungraded Assignments" Teacher Dashboard

Teachers can now click on "Ungraded Assignments" from the Teacher Menu to see a list of assignments with student work awaiting a teacher grade.

Wisconsin Computer Science Alignments

Read about our newly published alignments to Wisconsin Computer Science Standards.

2021 System UI Improvements

We have implemented several teacher-requested user interface enhancements in our online system!

Java Programming 2021 College Board-Approved AP CS A Syllabus

Our new Java Programming 2021 edition now has a College Board-Approved Syllabus that teachers can use to complete their AP CS A Course Audits!

Unity Game Programming Update for 2021

We are updating our Unity Game Programming course to match recent Unity IDE changes.