2019 Windows Programming C# Course Enhancements

Read about some of the new things coming for our Windows Programming C# course!

2019 Java Programming Course Enhancements

Read about some of the new things coming for our Java Programming courses!

New Activity Notification Settings

We have improved the activity notifications and changed the default user settings for receipt of those notifications. Please read this announcement to see how the changes will impact you.

Python Programming is Here!

Our new Python Programming course has two great new features - auto-grading and in-browser coding.

2018 Holiday Hours and Support

Read about our office hours for the upcoming holidays.

Webinar on "Great Code Comments" Now Available

Explore the importance of code comments and learn how students can write more useful comments.

Streamlining the Grade Export Page

We have made several changes to the Grade Export tab to make common tasks easier.

New "Sequential" grade report added to grade-book

We have released new view in the teacher grade-book that lists grades in the order they appear in the course.

Teachers can now edit course names

Teachers in public/private classrooms can now change their default course names to better match local expectations.

Our Privacy Policy Has Been Updated

New language was added to clearly specify our support for a secure, advertising-free experience.