GG4L Partners with CompuScholar to Support Computer Science and Digital Literacy

CompuScholar and GG4L announce a partnership to bring computer science and digital literacy skills to GG4L member schools.

New California Computer Science and CTE Alignments

We have now published alignment guidance between CompuScholar courses and California's Computer Science and CTE / ICT curriculum standards.

Pre-Approved College Board Syllabus for AP CS A

Teachers can use CompuScholar's pre-approved syllabus to complete the AP CS A Course Audit process.

NOTICE: Planned System Upgrades on Sunday, July 5th.

Our online courses will be unavailable on Sunday, July 5th from approximately 9am to 1pm Eastern time.

Digital Savvy HTML Lesson Updates

Our Digital Savvy course now contains live HTML coding panels in the web design chapters!

Python Auto-Grader Preview Feature

Students can now optionally "preview" their grade before submitting for an auto-graded Python project.

Python Auto-Grader Improvements

We have deployed a number of cool new features to our Python auto-grader. Check them out!

Privacy Notice Updated

Our Privacy Notice has been updated to clarify and enhance student and teacher rights, per the terms of the Student Privacy Pledge.

New Dashboard for Classroom Teachers

Read about our new Teacher Dashboard with review, quoting and licensing features for our public / private / charter school teachers.

Free Access for Schools Closed by Coronavirus

Public, private and charter schools closed due to coronavirus can get free access to our online curriculum for the remainder of the 2019-2020 SY.