Streamlining the Grade Export Page

We have made several changes to the Grade Export tab to make common tasks easier.

New "Sequential" grade report added to grade-book

We have released new view in the teacher grade-book that lists grades in the order they appear in the course.

Teachers can now edit course names

Teachers in public/private classrooms can now change their default course names to better match local expectations.

Our Privacy Policy Has Been Updated

New language was added to clearly specify our support for a secure, advertising-free experience.

Unity Game Programming Migrated to Unity IDE v.2018

Our Unity Game Programming course has been updated to use version 2018 of the Unity IDE.

New Code Color Syntax Highlighting and Responsive Lessons

Our lesson are gaining automatic color syntax highlighting for code boxes! The lessons will also adapt to smaller screen sizes.

New Web Design Videos are Here

Our Web Design course now has all-new instructional videos

Unity Installation Instructions Updated

Our Unity Game Programming instructions for installing the Unity IDE have been updated.

New Massachusetts Alignments

New alignments have been posted for the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards.

Important SY 2017-2018 Wrap-Up Procedures

Please read this article to understand how your course will be wrapped up at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.