Prepare for the Pearson NES Computer Science Exam


CS CertificateDoes your state use the standard Pearson NES Computer Science Exam or a customized Pearson CS exam as part of the Computer Science teacher certification process in your state? We can help!

Two of CompuScholar's courses, Digital Savvy and Java Programming, can be used to prepare for the NES or your state's custom CS exam. We are pleased to provide free, 180-day access to these two courses for teachers who meet the eligibility requirements listed below.


Teacher Eligibility

  • You must be a teacher in a U.S. public, private or charter school, currently seeking CS certification.
  • Your state DOE, teacher professional development organization or state-wide CS advocacy group must have a registration agreement in place with CompuScholar.

To find out if your state has a registration agreement with CompuScholar, contact your state DOE Computer Science coordinator or teacher professional development organization. They will provide the registration link for your state. If your state has not yet enlisted in the CompuScholar program, encourage your state representative to Contact Us to set up an agreement.


How it Works

You will obtain the registration link from your state computer science representative. After you register, we will verify your teacher status and provide free access to our Digital Savvy and Java Programming (AP) online courses for 180 days.

  • We will provide a Pearson syllabus to guide you through relevant chapters to prepare for exam topics (customized for your state, as needed).
  • You will self-study through the online material at your own pace, taking the quizzes, tests and completing the hands-on projects. There are no live meetings or pre-set class times.
  • Quizzes and tests are graded automatically; you can also compare your hands-on projects to the provided activity solutions.
  • You are encouraged to ask technical questions – you have free support.

You will sign up for and take the NES CS or custom Pearson CS exam on your own or under standard procedures in your state. We recommend taking the practice exams (if available) through Pearson and following any other guidance provided by your state's professional development organization.