Improve Your Teaching Skills


Do you need to learn a language like Java, C#, or HTML in order to get a state certification or teach a class next year?

CompuScholar's free Skill Building Program can help!


By popular demand, we now offer both a Summer Skills and a Winter Skills session.


How It Works

  • Teachers at public, private and charter schools are eligible. You must provide your school-based email address and a link to your school website below to help us verify your teacher status at that school.
  • Participants will get a free personal account and online access to one selected CompuScholar course
  • Teachers can take the selected course, just like a student, learning and applying new skills
  • All courses are online and you can move at your own pace, from any computer. There are no set meetings or class times.
  • Teachers will have full technical support and questions are answered by our subject matter experts
  • This free access is for personal teacher use only, not larger classrooms
  • Summer program access begins May 1st each year and concludes August 31st
  • Winter program access begins November 1st each year and concludes February 28th


Seating is limited, so sign up quickly before the program reaches capacity this year!


2019 Winter Registration


Please provide your SCHOOL-BASED email; @gmail, @yahoo and similar personal addresses will be automatically declined.

Please provide a valid URL to the school at which you teach.


See our Course Overview page for information on each course.