Professional Development Series


Our enrichment webinars are available to all teachers, even if not yet using CompuScholar's course materials in your classroom. We'll spend some time each month covering topics of interest to the CTE / IT or CompuScholar community. Click on the recording link to review each session!

2021-2022 SY

ScheduleSession TitleRecording
October, 2021 Exporting CompuScholar Grades to Your SIS
September, 2021 CompuScholar's New Assignment Engine


2020-2021 SY

ScheduleSession TitleRecording
May, 2021 What's New for the 2021=2022 SY
April, 2021 Wrapping Up Your CompuScholar School Year
March, 2021 Software Industry Job Outlook and Desired Skills
February, 2021 Introducing "Java Programming" 2021 Edition
January, 2021 Semester Transitions with CompuScholar
November / December, 2020 CompuScholar in Spanish and Other Languages
October, 2020 Working with Quizzes and Tests
September, 2020 Distance Learning with CompuScholar Courses


2019-2020 SY

ScheduleSession TitleRecording
May, 2020 What's New for the 2020-2021 SY
April, 2020 Wrapping up your CompuScholar School Year
March, 2020 Exploring the New CompuScholar Teacher Dashboard
February, 2020 Building the New AP CS A Sample Labs in Eclipse   Zip Icon
January, 2020 Transferring Students between CompuScholar Courses
November / December, 2019 Exploring Online IDEs
October, 2019 Auto-Grading CompuScholar Projects
September, 2019 CompuScholar's Report Dashboard


2018-2019 SY

ScheduleSession TitleRecording
May, 2019 Wrapping Up Your CompuScholar School Year
April, 2019 Project Documentation Templates   Zip Icon
March, 2019 Flipped & Hybrid Classrooms
February, 2019 Flowcharts for Code Visualization
January, 2019 Introducing Python Programming
December, 2018 Using a Debugger Effectively
November, 2018 High School Programming Languages and Course Tracks
October, 2018 Great Code Comments
September, 2018 Single Sign-On and Auto-Rostering for a Digital District


Previous Archives

ScheduleSession TitleRecording
April, 2018 Recruiting Students into Your Next Computing Classes   Zip Icon
February, 2018 Teaching Web Design with HTML / CSS
January, 2018 Teaching Programming with the Unity IDE
December, 2017 Software Industry Job Outlook and Desired Skills


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