How do students and teachers access our online material?

We have three deployment options:

  1. Create student and teacher accounts in CompuScholar's online system using self-registration codes that we provide for each of your class sections.
  2. Integrate our course material in to a district or school LMS like Canvas or Schoology. Please visit our LMS Integrations page for details.
  3. Auto-roster classes in CompuScholar's online system and access courses through SSO. This page explains the details!


CompuScholar supports Clever, ClassLink and GG4L for auto-rostering and SSO services.

Clever logo ClassLink logo GG4L logo

If your district is already a Clever, ClassLink or GG4L partner, then auto-rostering and SSO is a breeze!


How Do Auto-Rostering and SSO Work?

Your Clever, ClassLink or GG4L service will read class, student and teacher roster information from your SIS. This roster data is communicated to CompuScholar, and we will map the names of your courses in your SIS to our curriculum titles. Our system will then automatically create matching classes and accounts in our system. This is called auto-rostering.

Auto-Rostering and SSO diagram

Students and teachers will sign into your Clever, ClassLink or GG4L dashboard using your district-defined usernames and passwords. Users will then click on a CompuScholar icon or link within the dashboard to be automatically signed into our system. You never need to use a separate CompuScholar username or password. This is called Single-Sign-On (SSO).'s just that easy!