Free Praxis Computer Science Exam Prep for Wisconsin


The Praxis Computer Science (5652) Exam is commonly used by states as part of a teacher’s certification to teach computer science subjects. CompuScholar supports aspiring Wisconsin computer science teachers with FREE online training for this exam.



Wisconsin teachers at public, private and charter schools are eligible to participate. Please fill out the form below; you must provide your school-based email address and a link to your school website to help us verify your teacher status at that school. You will receive an email with your online access instructions within 1 business day. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive a reply to your Inbox within that time-frame.


How It Works

The Praxis Computer Science exam topics are naturally covered by two of CompuScholar's existing online courses - Digital Savvy and Java Programming (AP).

  • Enrolled teachers will receive free personal account and 6-month access to those two online courses.
  • CompuScholar will provide a specific study plan to cover all required Praxis exam topics.
  • CompuScholar's courses are self-study and self-paced, so you can work your way through the material from home at your convenience.
  • Use the material as needed to fill in knowledge gaps or learn programming skills.
  • Teachers will have full technical support and questions are answered by our subject matter experts.
  • This free access is for personal teacher use only, not larger classrooms.

You may still need to meet other state requirements (such as attending additional state-provided PD opportunities) in order to gain your Computer Science teaching license. Please check with your Wisconsin professional development representative for details.


Wisconsin Registration Form


Please provide your SCHOOL-BASED email; @gmail, @yahoo and similar personal addresses will be automatically declined.

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