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I was given the opportunity to review the curriculum and found it very engaging and user-friendly.
Michelle C. from Texas

I have been using CompuScholar for 3 years now and I am so glad to have found this site when I first started teaching. I have looked at several curricula and used resources from them but I have always liked what CompuScholar has offered. I use the Python and Java courses which I think have a great range of activities and resources to help the students and me plan. I have talked to the staff at CompuScholar and they are also fantastic! They check in on me and are really thorough and prompt with their responses.
Sarge M. from Texas

At the risk of sounding like a groupie, this is my 3rd testimonial. We are in our 4th year using CompuScholar. I continue to be amazed at their responsiveness. More importantly, they continue to refine and improve their content. The integration of the programming activity and homework within our Canvas LMS is pretty much seamless. It also allows me to put off the use of an IDE until the students are more comfortable with straight up programming. I am delighted with their curriculum across the board!
John A. from Texas

This program help grow my students to more in-depth understanding. The comprehension was spot on for the high school students.
Stephanie R. from South Carolina

I completed the CompuScholar "Digital Savvy" and "Java Programming- AP Course" in preparation for my teacher computer science endorsement test. I just received the results from my state assessment and I passed with a score way higher than the minimum test score. I felt confident and prepared as I took the Ohio Computer Science (054) assessment. Before taking this test I had some experience with computer science and coding, but these courses helped clarify a lot of topics and really made object-oriented programming approachable. I would highly recommend these courses to students and teachers. The lesson videos were very succinct, clear, and not overwhelming. The lesson text expands on the video content and provides multiple exercises to reinforce the content. Finally, the quizzes help you self-monitor your understanding of the content. CompuScholar even has documents showing the lesson alignments with each of the Ohio Computer Science 054 standards/ content. Again, I highly recommend these programs for teachers and/ or students looking to expand their computer science knowledge.
Christopher D. from Ohio

While I have used and had a great experience with the CompuScholar curriculum for two year, they continually impress me with their customer support. Anytime I have had questions about the curriculum or the online interface, customer support has always been second to none. I have submitted questions on a Friday after 5pm PST and still received an accurate, correct and personal response before Monday morning. There is no other vendor I have worked with that has support available after hours and/or on weekends without a secondary charge for such a high level of support. This seems to be just the "norm" for the folks at CompuScholar and I can't thank them enough for the constant support that they have always provided. - Thanks!
Raymond W. from Nevada

As a first year Business education teacher ( 9-12), CompuScholar has enhanced my lesson planning and has been a great experience so far. Looking forward to completing a successful learning experience for both the students and myself.
Dyna C. from Tennessee

Got a question? Answered. Got a bug? Fixed. Doesn't get any better. CompuScholar lessons are quality and age appropriate reading. Nice place for my students to hang out.
Terri R. from Texas

We reported a rather arcane problem experienced by a parent 'observing' a class in our learning management system (Canvas). Once we decided it was in the communication between Canvas and CompuScholar and reported the issue, it took CompuScholar only 86 minutes to identify the issue and eliminate the problem. Can any other education service provider match this service?
John A. from Texas

First online learning environment that makes sense. Clean, neat and well organized. Love everything about it so far. Can't wait for us to get our hands on the keyboards. Thank you.Terri R. from Texas

I have thoroughly enjoyed the CompuScholar experience. I was very happy you listened to my suggestions and implemented them on this year’s platform. They helped tremendously. We had more than enough material for the whole year. I thank you for this site.
Devon C from Tennessee

During the pandemic, with the introduction of virtual learning as a platform, has been hectic for teachers throughout the world. And in this time, getting an opportunity to teach my students through CompuScholar has been a silver lining. Before the pandemic, our school would conduct practicals, in computer labs. However, after the pandemic, we weren't able to do the same, and the CompuScholar program helped solve this issue. Few things that helped, in particular, were the lessons and examples, which helped students understand and relate to regular-day life. The option to reattempt or resubmit activities and exams, helped the students gain a certain amount of confidence, understand their mistakes, and work on them. The fast scoring and a pre-assessed grade was a benefit to me as well. I would like to thank the CompuScholar team once again, for giving me the chance to use this program. And say that it is a must for every school.
Vandana A. from Delhi, India

The staff at CompuScholar are always quick to answer questions. Technical support is awesome.
Lana B. from Tennessee

This is my first year teaching computer science, but I have some computer science experience. The Web Design course is fantastic. I love the format of video->text->quiz, Project, then exam. The pacing is also done very well. I will be adding more CompuScholar courses next year.
Bobbie H. from Idaho

I teach Game Design and Web Technologies and used CompuScholar last school year. I loved it! Keep up the great work!
Veronica G. from Texas

I have been using the CompuScholar curriculum for two years and have been pleasantly impressed with the vigor and comprehensive lessons plans, labs, and assessments. The curriculums that we use include: AP Java Programming, Windows Programming C#, Unity Game Programming, Web Design, and Python Programming. The material is easy to read and understand; yet it requires the students to use higher level thinking and reasoning to complete their projects. Their packages accommodates various learning styles allows the students immediate access to their grades upon completing their exams, and many of the lab assignments. The grading system is easy for the instructor to use and transfer to other grading systems such as blackboard, and Powerschool. The students are allowed to work from home as long as they have internet access and the teacher can assigned task on specific dates and times. I plan to use the same programs next year and would highly recommend this program to other school districts as an addendum to their existing curriculum.
Paula C. from Virginia

I retired from a 30 year career in IT to become a teacher. I am in my 5th year so I have seen a little bit of the world of vendor support provided to school districts, schools and teachers. I am impressed almost beyond description with the extraordinary support I have received from CompuScholar. They have done everything from make changes to their curriculum based on my (probably non unique) feedback, to providing detailed personal support on specific issues I’ve had interfacing with our legacy systems – and they do it quickly! Their folks are proactive and reach out to me with reports and information – without being ‘pushy’ like some vendors. All customer experiences should be like this. I may be biased but I think they have a lot of former IT professionals working in their enterprise – it shows.
John A. from Texas

If this were a survey, I would enthusiastically give a rating of 5-stars (top rating)! The CompuScholar online Web Development course is spectacular. The videos, explanatory text, quizzes, unit tests, "work with me" activities and final projects have taken me from knowing almost nothing to building a confident foundation in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript from which I can continue to grow. (This is what impressed me most--these very skilled CompuScholar people have delivered their knowledge in ways that the novice can understand.) Each step of the way, I recognized the excitement that my students are bound to feel as they discover new concepts, build skills, become persistent problem-solvers, and see tangible results. I am impressed with the "best practices" layers of this course that provide step-by-step support, followed by independent application with less support, and finally, synthesis of the concepts. I have felt cared about and supported. Thank you, CompuScholar
Toni S. from Utah

CompuScholar was one of the most user friendly online programs I've utilized in the high school classroom setting. The automated grading simplified my grade input and let me spend more time in the classroom with the actual software with the students. Chris and his team were always an email away with help and answers to questions on the same day... sometimes within minutes! Customer service as it's best!! I highly recommend CompuScholar courses that are directly aligned with the CTE TEKS here in Texas!
Kim S. from Texas

If I have a question or technical issue, CompuScholar responds very quickly. I love having the confidence that the technical support is fast, free, and personalized. The course authors have even made immediate changes to online material based on my suggestions!
Jesse S. from Pennsylvania

The staff at CompuScholar has been great! I work with the same small set of folks each time, and never feel like I’m being passed around as an anonymous ticket. My questions are answered by US-based experts, not a remote call center. My CompuScholar contacts know my history, my school, and my entire history with the curriculum.
Mary C. from Texas

We used C#, Java, App Design, and Game Design to build an engaging, robust, and relevant Computer Science endorsement track at our STEM school in Texas. Following this track our students are able to work with the same industry-standard development environments and languages that professional software engineers use every day while preparing a portfolio that could land them a job right out of high school.
Jason H. from Texas

The difference between an old textbook and CompuScholar’s online Learning Management System is night and day!  The online system automated many chores like grading and let me focus on teaching.  The students were able to access the up-to-date lessons and instructional videos right in their web browser, and didn’t have to carry around an outdated textbook.
Gordon L. from Washington

This is my first year using the CompuScholar Java Programming software and I am truly grateful for it. Using this software has allowed me to enhance my classroom instruction as well as be able to spend more time with my students working through code, struggling to understand the material, and even helping them understand more advanced Java concepts. The students really like working through the lessons since they are clear and well laid out. They like the fact that they can go back at any time and review previous material, work ahead, and even work with the lesson material outside of the classroom.

Any time I have had a question about or suggestion for the lessons, the development team has always responded in a VERY timely manner, sometimes same day (a rarity these days). I will certainly be advocating for using this software again next year! ~Thank you CompuScholar!
Lori G. from Nevada

CompuScholar is an awesome program for teachers who are experienced or have no experience in computer programming. The format is incredibly user friendly. I love that there are multiple avenues for students to learn on CompuScholar (video, text, quizzes, projects). I've also been impressed with the updates that are made to the program. It is evident that the CompuScholar team is continually working to create an excellent tool for learning Computer Science.
Alexandria W. from Utah