We work very hard to make every aspect of your CompuScholar experience enjoyable. From pre-sales, integration planning, course rollout, professional development, technical support, and ongoing teacher contacts, your success is important to us!


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Extraordinary support"I retired from a 30 year career in IT to become a teacher. I am in my 5th year so I have seen a little bit of the world of vendor support provided to school districts, schools and teachers. I am impressed almost beyond description with the extraordinary support I have received from CompuScholar. They have done everything from make changes to their curriculum based on my (probably non unique) feedback, to providing detailed personal support on specific issues I’ve had interfacing with our legacy systems – and they do it quickly! Their folks are proactive and reach out to me with reports and information – without being ‘pushy’ like some vendors. All customer experiences should be like this. I may be biased but I think they have a lot of former IT professionals working in their enterprise – it shows. " - John A. from Texas

5 Stars"If this were a survey, I would enthusiastically give a rating of 5-stars (top rating)! The CompuScholar online Web Development course is spectacular. The videos, explanatory text, quizzes, unit tests, "work with me" activities and final projects have taken me from knowing almost nothing to building a confident foundation in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript from which I can continue to grow. (This is what impressed me most--these very skilled CompuScholar people have delivered their knowledge in ways that the novice can understand.) Each step of the way, I recognized the excitement that my students are bound to feel as they discover new concepts, build skills, become persistent problem-solvers, and see tangible results. I am impressed with the "best practices" layers of this course that provide step-by-step support, followed by independent application with less support, and finally, synthesis of the concepts. I have felt cared about and supported. Thank you, CompuScholar" - Toni S. from Utah

Very Satisfied"CompuScholar was one of the most user friendly online programs I've utilized in the high school classroom setting. The automated grading simplified my grade input and let me spend more time in the classroom with the actual software with the students. Chris and his team were always an email away with help and answers to questions on the same day... sometimes within minutes! Customer service as it's best!! I highly recommend CompuScholar courses that are directly aligned with the CTE TEKS here in Texas!" - Kim S. from Texas

Technical Support"If I have a question or technical issue, CompuScholar responds very quickly. I love having the confidence that the technical support is fast, free, and personalized. The course authors have even made immediate changes to online material based on my suggestions!" - Jesse S. from Pennsylvania

Community"The staff at CompuScholar has been great! I work with the same small set of folks each time, and never feel like I’m being passed around as an anonymous ticket. My questions are answered by US-based experts, not a remote call center. My CompuScholar contacts know my history, my school, and my entire history with the curriculum." - Mary C. from Texas

Professional Tools"We used C#, Java, App Design, and Game Design to build an engaging, robust, and relevant Computer Science endorsement track at our STEM school in Texas. Following this track our students are able to work with the same industry-standard development environments and languages that professional software engineers use every day while preparing a portfolio that could land them a job right out of high school." - Jason H. from Texas

innovation"The difference between an old textbook and CompuScholar’s online Learning Management System is night and day!  The online system automated many chores like grading and let me focus on teaching.  The students were able to access the up-to-date lessons and instructional videos right in their web browser, and didn’t have to carry around an outdated textbook." - Gordon L. from Washington


Java Cup"This is my first year using the CompuScholar Java Programming software and I am truly grateful for it. Using this software has allowed me to enhance my classroom instruction as well as be able to spend more time with my students working through code, struggling to understand the material, and even helping them understand more advanced Java concepts. The students really like working through the lessons since they are clear and well laid out. They like the fact that they can go back at any time and review previous material, work ahead, and even work with the lesson material outside of the classroom.

Any time I have had a question about or suggestion for the lessons, the development team has always responded in a VERY timely manner, sometimes same day (a rarity these days). I will certainly be advocating for using this software again next year! ~Thank you CompuScholar!!
" - Lori G. from Nevada

Computing Class"CompuScholar is an awesome program for teachers who are experienced or have no experience in computer programming. The format is incredibly user friendly. I love that there are multiple avenues for students to learn on CompuScholar (video, text, quizzes, projects). I've also been impressed with the updates that are made to the program. It is evident that the CompuScholar team is continually working to create an excellent tool for learning Computer Science." - Alexandria W. from Utah