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CompuScholar courses can be used as primary resources to meet the Illinois College & Career Information Technology Requirements in Computer Programming, Web Design and similar tracks.

Per Illinois House Bill 2170, new Computer Science learning standards are defined and adopted as of December 31, 2021. Click here to review those new learning standards (PDF pages 292 - 309). As the new learning standards are derived from the K-12 CS Framework, and CompuScholar's courses support this framework, our courses will naturally meet the new Illinois standards.

Illinois CodeIllinois TitleCompuScholar Title 
10004A001 Computer Concepts and Software Applications Digital Savvy  
10003A001 Computer and Information Technology Digital Savvy  
10152A001 Computer Operations and Programming I Python Programming  
10152A001 Computer Operations and Programming I C# Programming  
10152A001 Computer Operations and Programming I Java Programming  
10152A002 Computer Operations and Programming II Java Programming  
10155A001 Java Programming Java Programming  
N/A AP Computer Science Principles Computer Science Foundations CB-Endorsed!  
N/A AP Computer Science A Java Programming CB-Endorsed!  
10203A001 Web Page and Interactive Media Development Web Design  


Additional courses such as our Unity Game Programming are available. Check out our course overview for a complete list of titles.


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