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Thank you for considering CompuScholar's computer science curriculum! The following courses were approved during the Tennessee 2015 Instructional Materials Review:

Tennessee CodeTennessee TitleCompuScholar TitleAlignments
C10H14 (6098) Coding 1 (Prog & Logic I) Windows Programming PDF File
C10H14 (6098) Coding 1 (Prog & Logic I) Java Programming PDF File
G02H45 (3635) AP Computer Science A Java Programming PDF File
C10H16 (6100) Web Design Foundations Web Design PDF File


New courses and guidance for using CompuScholar's material to meet 2nd-year requirements:

Tennessee CodeTennessee TitleCompuScholar TitleAlignments
7th-8th Grade K-8 Computer Science Standards Digital Savvy
Python Programming
PDF File
C10H11 (6095) Computer Science (IT) Foundations Digital Savvy PDF File
C12X00 (5891) Computer Applications Digital Savvy PDF File
C10H15 (6099) Coding 2 (2-year planner) Java Programming PDF File
C10H17 (6101) Web Site Development (2-year planner) Web Design PDF File


Check out our course overview for a complete list of titles.


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